Beats Production presents...

"…a sonic melting pot of driving global grooves, rich melodic polyphony and haunting soundscapes…




…leading into being that which did not exist before."


“Poiesis is a unique project, with collaboration and improvisation at its heart...a symbiotic musical tapestry, created in the moment. Dynamic and hypnotic, rhythmic and harmonic, pulled together into an energetic and cinematic soundscape.

The fundamental and primal energy reaches deep within, hypnotising the listener, pulling them into a journey through harmony and rhythm, blurring the boundaries between music and the energy of life itself.”

Featuring award winning percussionist Pete Lockett, internationally acclaimed songwriter / keyboard player Peter-John Vettese and guest collaborator - Grammy Award winning engineer and producer, Alan Branch.

An eclectic world of rhythm

Pete Lockett…


… is one of the most versatile and prolific percussionists in the world today. His percussive skills range from traditional Carnatic and Hindustani music of North and South India to traditional Japanese taiko; from blues, funk and rock to classical, folk and ethnic, and from Arabic to electronic. He has worked with Björk, Peter Gabriel, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Robert Plant, Dido, Bill Bruford, Jeff Beck, U Srinivas, Pandit Jasraj, The Verve, Texas, Craig Armstrong, A R Rahman & many more! Pete arranged and recorded all the ethnic percussion for five 007 ‘Bond’ films and many other Hollywood blockbusters and has performed solo to packed houses all over the world. He has released more than twenty CD’s with various projects under his own name and has taught and lectured worldwide, including at The Royal College, Berklee School of Music Boston, and The Royal Academy in London. He has also released a best selling percussion app for iDevices: DrumJam and a full-length sci-fi novel, ‘A Survivor’s Guide To Eternity’.


rich melodic polyphony

Peter-John Vettese…

…pursues his first love of performance alongside his career as a songwriter, composer and producer.  As an internationally respected keyboard player, he has played all over the world, with bands including Jethro Tull, Simple Minds, and Annie Lennox. He is also one of the country's top session keyboard players and producers. Tracks heavily featuring his Keyboard playing include Dido’s ‘Here with me’, The Bee Gees‘ ‘One’, Whitney Houston’s ‘Step By Step’, Cutting Crew’s ‘Died in Your Arms’, Sophie B Hawkins’ ‘Right Beside You’, and Ben Montague’s ‘Haunted’. Besides this, he is also a leading Hammond organ player and recently joined world‐renowned Cuban artists on Zucchero’s latest album, ‘La Sesión Cubana’. He continues on the cutting edge of composition, with recent TV credits including the cult series ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix.


sonic mixing

Alan Branch…


…a Grammy Award winning Mixer, Engineer, Producer, Writer and Musician.

Mixing and production has been one of Alan’s great passions for over 20 years, but it’s not the experience that counts, it’s ability, and he turns out mix after mix to the highest quality. He has worked with an array of talented artists including U2, Jeff Beck, Beverley Knight, Sinead O'Connor, Nine Inch Nails, Boy George, Primal Scream, Sade, The Cure and many others. He has run big budget live TV productions for the BBC & done thousands of studio sessions. Recent diverse projects include stage production for The Corrs' 'White Light' tour, & mixing the 5.1 sound track to the feature film RAW by composer Jim Williams, nominated for the 2018 César Awards.


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